Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Degree in Material Science

Errr.. What's that? What did u study in this course? What is ur major? N what is ur future job then?

A lot of questions like this will bombard me when I say I'm taking this course in UiTM or also known as Matech. Its unfamiliar, I know. And people reaction towards my course makes me even unsecured in what I'm doing right now.

Oh well, I know that I'm not doing courses like pharmacy, dentistry, law or even accountancy. Where people will like "owh, ure so smart!", "oh, I like that course too!" or even, "I want to love u because u r taking medic and I will get to marry a future doctor".. And stuff like that.

Unlike me, people will act different ways. The treatment I receive will never be the same. Matech seems so odd or weird to a lot of ears who heard it. Its sad and pathetic. Sometimes I even have a second thought, whether should I continue or not. Or should I stay?

And after like 1 year studying in this course, its really open up my heart. Like we always say, tak kenal maka tak cinta. Yes, I sort of like have a passion into this Matech, not because I like what its offer me for my future, but because I already made my mind.

What I'm going to do is I will finish my degree with a first class degree, then, get an offer from uitm to further my study in PHD. Amin. =D

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

When things turns from bad to worst..

This is the story about the missing laptop that befall to one of our housemate in our baiduri apartment.

3 years in diploma makes us to know about each other pretty well. Pursuing degree in shah alam needs us to rent an apartment in seksyen 2. And we decided to live together. All 9 of us; me, leyh, jimi, noks, oney, iman, sahaful, and two syafiqs. Our mind fill with delight as we think we can continue our 3 years of glory in jengka to be prolong in shah alam. And we can live like a happy family.

But dream only stays as dreams. We are shocked by the news that one of our housemates lost its laptop. Vaio laptop e series to be precise. A laptop given by his mother worth rm3000 and only been use by him not more than 2 weeks.

This is the way how he lost his laptop;

It is thursday, he used his laptop in the morning before going to class to finish up some assignment. Later at night when he want to open up his laptop, he realize that his laptop is missing. And so the time line for the laptop to be lost is between 10am to 10pm. Where all of the time there always be one of us in the house. So, there is no possibility that there are people from outside to come and break into our house. Plus, there is at least two laptop at the hall and two more laptop in each room and it is still untouched. While the missing laptop is held inside a room, being put in a bag that no one will recognize it. And yes, only that laptop is lost. There's no way an outsider break into our house, rushing in to the room and grab his laptop, only one laptop. That's sounds so ridiculous. And so, that' left only this two possibility;

1) The owner misplaced the laptop
2) There is a thief among us

And for the possibility number 1, the owner was like 150% confidence that he never bring the laptop outside of the house because he did not intend to do so. He is very noob about laptop and to bring his laptop to class is none of his business. And yeah, that's left possibility number 2 which all of us thinks........ Oh, well.

We do all the best to help him;

1) We see at least 4 ustaz to ask about the missing laptop whereabouts and who did this.
2) All of us make a pledge we never stole the laptop in front of the quran
3) We consult and have heart to heart session to every one of us
4) We report this to the police

But alas, after done all of this, the thief still won't confess. The missing laptop is still missing. We are confused. The relation among us has become worst. Some of us stop to talk to each other. There's always a negative perception towards each other. The happiness we wish to last is no more and sadly the house do not shine like it suppose to be.

I pray hard for the person who took the laptop to give it back to its owner. Makes our house safe and sound likes it suppose to be with no hatred or grudge to hold against each other. Amin. ~

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Move on

Like a very cliche entry right? But why? Well, move on is a very common moment to all human being and since I'm apparently a human, I also have to endure it!

Move on is like the hardest thing a human need to face and some even thinks its like taking their life away. Yet, some people believe to move on is like changing their shirt. Personally, to me move on need this three things; effort, time and most importantly a good substitute!

But alas, speaking is easier than making it done. I also have a problem to move on. After done all that three things, all the effort, all the time and also finding a good substitute, I still won't budge since I entangled to that person.

Honestly, yeah, it was truly my first love. Where all the love bugs all around u, the love in the air, the worlds is yours and ure at the top of the world. Suddenly, it all crashes down and u lost all hope. And its feel like the end.

That's how it end but after enduring all the pain I'm still hoping for something impossible to happen; wishing all the memories to be alive again.

That's where move on needs to take it action. A moment where u need to rethinking and rerouting your path to the other person. I tried a lot and sometimes I almost giving up doing that. A lot of time where I almost completely move on, a simple hello from that person would make me back to square one..

Shiitt!! How to move on from u!!! ='(

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Thinking about the future

Hell yeah!
Everyone like always thinks for their future. Like, what we will be in the future or what is our future job, who we will get married to, and stuff like that. Since we cannot predict the future,the least we can do is just to think about them.

So, the future I want to think right now is marriage. Yes, just marriage!

Getting married is really a big questions for me. In my mind is, married is like the full stop of everything! No more single, full of commitment, have two mums and two dads, handling with my future's wife pms, and all the marriage stuff! And that's just little of it, there's a lot of other thing that can be mentioned by the definition of marriage.

Its not that I am skeptical about all the idea of getting married. Surely, one day I also will get married and experience all of it. And that is what people call as asam garam kehidupan, right? We once has already past through our life as a kids and then now we are going to the other phase of our life which is marriage.
My plan is I will never get married before my age reach 30. Still, 30 is just way too early for me. Because, there is a lot of other thing that I want to accomplished first before I get married. Stuff like, I want to help my parents, make them feels like they are the happiest person on earth, send them to haji and lastly, I want to fulfill my dreams which is to open up a restaurant! =P

The other thing is, when I get married, there will be no kids for us. Yes! No son nor daughter. I love kids but its not for me. To me, having children is either it will be a curse or a bless. With the harsh environment and the corrupted world they going to live in,its hard for them to survive. Plus, its troubled me to think that what if my kids will be part of the social illness in the future. Be a homosexual, taking drugs or be a mat rempit for example. And so, the best solution I manage to create is not to have one!

All I dream it going to be is I will commit my life to my wife and my future wife needs to do the same for me. Both of us will go through our life together with no one else. It just two of us! That is the real definition of happily ever after for me..=)
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Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Let ask a simple question, who reads them? Every muslim will say yes to it.

But let ask who understand them? Only a little say yes to it.

That is the reality of the muslim today. We said out loud we are muslim but the fact is in our entire life, we never bother to know the meaning of the content in Qur'an itself. And it includes me.

I've been thinking to myself that,I already qhatam Qur'an for like 3 times but honestly I never knew the real content of Qur'an. Or even a words of it. I only know how to read it correctly using the proper tajwid but never knew what is their meaning. During our childhood, our ustaz never stressed to us that we need to know what is the meaning of Qur'an, only we should know how to read it properly. But I'm not blaming my ustaz for that. Maybe that is the way we are being taught in here.

Let us see how understanding the content of Qur'an really important to us. Imagine that we read a novel written in French. For those who knows French, they can easily understand what is the content of the novel is. But for those who do not, they just can read it without knowing what does the novel tells them.

And so, we see here now why we really need to know what Qur'an tells us. We often sees people who read Qur'an a lot in their daily life but still do a lot of sins in their life. Why? Because the belief to Qur'an and Islam is not strong enough since they do not understand what it tells them at the first place. Let them read even 100 times but if we do not knew what is the content, our heart is still empty. Islam is simple, but the one who makes it complicated is us.

And finally, for this Ramadhan, I have one things I wish to accomplish. I want to understand the whole content of Qur'an by reading the translation of Qur'an. And I hope by doing so it will strengthen my iman and I can be a full-fledged muslim. Insya-allah.

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Monday, August 1, 2011

My first entry using phone

I bought a new phone a few weeks ago. I am a type of person that thinks phone should be use as long as its functional normally and I'm really not fancy for a new phone after it has been released. Advertisement about phone really not works on me.

I'm using nokia 6600 for almost 5 years without bothering to replace it with a new one. Until at one point, I'm really fond to this one phone. I mean only this one, which is blackberry bold. I don't know why but maybe this is what we call as love at a first sight. hahaha.

I love the function of bb and also its design. I can see many of my friend bought phone like N8 or xperia but still, the only favorite function they use is like a regular phone, texting, calling, taking picture and guess what, it all same like my nokia 6600. It always give me a thought that why should I bother to change my nokia 6600 just for its camera?or its video quality. Really not turn me on.

Since I thought that the only way to make my new phone to function widely is to have my phone to connect with internet. That's it! That is the answer. But, alas, internet is really cost me a lot. My sister is using iphone and she had to bare a cost of rm80++ just to maintain a cost for internet.

And so, bb is really on a different edge. I realize that bb have a internet plan which we call as bis. It allows bb users to go facebook,twitter, email, internet browsing and bbm. For maxis, I currently use the bonus monthly package that only cost me for about rm20 and limited to 100mb. Hey! That's more than enough.

Bb also have a wide range of application to choose from. Although it cannot defeat iphone, but its still okay. Most of the application is really great and some not. Recently, I have found a new ability for my new bb bold which is to post entry using phone. I love blogging and to found out that I can now blogging via my phone really thrill me out. Its what they call as mail2blog. And now, I can blog whenever I want and whenever I feel like to do so.

Thanks blackberry!!
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Friday, May 20, 2011

Seriously, I never knew I can’t do this... (Playing poker cards)

Last night, I hang out with my best friends, sabri,shafiee and khairil. Although, many are missing.. Well, nevermind. Like always, our regular spot for lepaking is at tanjung. Yup! We will choose our best spot to lepak which is at the side of the field, under the light. We made a circle there. Tonight, fortunately Sabri bring along his poker card to kill our time. I loved playing poker though. All the games that feeya taught me using poker cards really paid off. I used to love games likes 99, speed, bluff, babi, and fish-eye. This makes me really want to brag what I know to my friends. Hahaha…

We decided to play poker first. After that, they want me to teach all the games that I know to them so that we can play it together.

Not more than 5 minutes, a police car comes near us. That pak cik said, “Dik,tgh buat ape tue?” with a very stern voice. Puzzled by that, we just flash our cards to the pak cik. And then, we hear a faint voice telling us we can’t play poker cards in public and bla, bla, bla. Shockingly, that pak cik in police car even makes a loud noise and highlight a very bright light to us. Making us like some kind of criminal who want to escape from the jail. Then, that pak cik told us to go back home for no reason whatsoever. And it’s just 12 am pak cik oii. Duhh..!!

Seriously, I never knew I can’t do this..

To think of it, what is the real offense that we really did? Playing poker is illegal? Huh? I don’t think so. The only thing that might bring harm towards playing poker cards is it can LEAD TO GAMBLE. But seriously, if that is the only reason, I really can’t accept it. If the words LEAD TO GAMBLE is the only reason, then, watching soccer or watching any kinds of match is also considered illegal since it also LEAD TO GAMBLE. Even by talking can initiate to that. People can gamble through a lot of medium and a lot of other things. Not only with poker cards.

But, later, I know why. People perception towards poker cards is really intense to the length that keeping a poker cards is considered a sin. I don’t know. Perhaps it will never go to that extend. =S

Monday, February 7, 2011

A Trip to Penang..

The history has officially been made (hahaha!). This is perhaps the longest journey we had been through together. These are some the moment that we had finally captured together;

1. Hello Penang!
Our journey begins with a trip by MaraLiner bus. It was horrible. Enough said.

2. The endless walk in Taman Negara
It was a very perfect day for us to enjoy our day at Taman Negara. The weather is just perfect for us. As we arrived at Taman Negara, I instantly mesmerized by the natural beauty of that place. We then quickly decided that we are going to have 4 major activities here which is first to walk around 0.5 km to have a canopy walk, then have an additional 3.5 km to Monkey Beach to swim and thirdly to climb to Lighthouse for 1.2 km. Then, walk for another 1.2 km back to Monkey Beach to have our last activity which is going back via boat. Fully planned right!

Our first activity at Taman Negara is to have canopy walk.

The canopy walk is not that long. It is approximately just 250 meter. And the height is 15 meter from the ground. Sounds like, “Alah, rendah gile!” but to me it is still a nightmare since im a person that is afraid of height and with the canopy shake every time I step on it which makes me even scared. After taking a baby step till the end, I noticed a little kids like 5 years old passing the canopy walk happily with her mother. And that view really makes me silence for a while… =S

Then, we continue our journey to Monkey Beach. The journey was really gruesome, adventurous, and out of my mind! We had to walk under the tree’s branches, jumping over obstacles, climbing a hill, going down a hill, passing a wild monkey and a lot of other things. After going through all that we finally arrived at the Monkey Beach. And its really worth every sweat!

Although we were exhausted, we still decided to climb to Lighthouse since one of the pak cik there said to us that place is a very nice place to visit. Without any hesitation, we immediately continue our journey. And to tell you the truth, I was almost faint up there. Although you can said that 1.2 km is nothing, wait until you feel that. 1.2 km going up a stairs is really tiring. I bet even Batu Caves stairs can’t beat that stairs. And after like 45 minutes, I finally arrive at the Lighthouse as the last person to arrive. Fuh!

After that, we quickly going back to Monkey Beach to swim. After fully exhausted, we then going back to our first pit stop using boat.

3. Swims like there’s no jellyfish
Oh my! We really had fun out there. We swim in two different places in two separate days. One is near our hotel that we stayed and the other one is at Monkey Beach in Taman Negara. Both places are so damn fun. We had a banana boat, laughing out together, shouting like we own that place and yeah! Swimming like there is no jellyfish. Yeay!!

4. The night market
The night market was sooo cool!! Although we only shop just a little (sbb duit kering), but yeah, that place is awesome!

5. The food hunt
Like what people always said, to entirely finish visiting Penang, you had to taste its Char Keow Teow. And that is what we really did. In order to hunt for this food, we travel all around Penang to hunt for this food. We really craving for this one. We go every corner of Penang and almost lost our way out there. After like travel for 1 hour(jauh giler kan), we end up eating at a random warung to fulfill our mission.

Penang also famous for its jeruk. All of us bought this food to bribe or gift it to their respective parents. Hahaha.. =D

6. Bye Penang
Our journey was ended with a trip via train. It was a very pleasant journey for us during our trip back to our hometown.

Okey! We will surely keep all this moment for a long time. We will be missing you Penang..=)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

My 22nd bday celebration..

This is what happen to me during my 22nd bday celebration;

It’s like a typical of me when every 15th January, I’ll never expect something come to me. Even a simple “happy bday to u” from my friends is enough for me. But this year is quite different to me when there is people that would do something for me. And I really appreciate every single thing that they do.

My eve was being celebrated by my best friend which is hash,syafiq,aqem n mieyra. Feeya would like to come but she can’t make it. They gave me a surprise by surprise me with cake when I was going out of the lift at my pangsapuri. That was awesome to see aqem came all the way from jengka to celebrate my birthday. And mieyra was there too. Syafiq and hash also was there although the other day they told me they are going back to ampang already. The real thing is that they already planned this to surprise me. Thanx a lot guys. Then, we lepaking all the night at canai.

All of it was awesome. I feel that im not being neglected after all. Having close friend all around you will make you comfortable with what you currently possessed. And that feel really good. But the twist starts at the morning of my 15th January. My long time best friend which is sabri, ros , piee ask me to go to kL with them but I refuse to do so since im so tired lepaking until dawn. But sabri says that it’s okay, I can take my rest and we can just go out at the evening. N I still refuse to do that since in my mind I already plan to go out at the evening. It’s turn out that the original plan was not going to be put into action. Instead, feeya asks me to go out with her and aqem and she want to treat me for my bday. And she treats me with secret recipe. Yum!yum!

At night, i was lepaking at seksyen 4 with hash and aqem. Then, I got a phone call from ros and sabri insisting me to see them. Hash and aqem told me to stay with them since aqem come all the way from jengka just to see me to update with each other. I was so torn between two. I was confused. At the end of the day, I choose to lepaking with aqem and hash since I favoring aqem which he had to leave to jengka tomorrow morning. That’s was it. Although they waited me for so long to join them, I merely just say goodbye to sabri,piee, and ros without seeing them at all. I feel real bad. And I was feel more fucking bad when sabri text me saying that;

“Oh, xpela kek ko kt org mkn jela”

And I was stunned and puzzled. I didn’t know that they also plan me to surprise me with a cake. Sumpah sweet wei ~~.Without knowing what to do, I called suhaimi to told him my full version of story. I was scared to call sabri nor anyone of them since I knew that I was wrong and they mad at me. I know that at the end of the day, I never satisfied both side. All of this is my fucking fault. I never know how to made a decision and be certain with what im doing. I know all the blame should be put on me.

I know it’s just my fault and im so sori guys for messing it up…