Saturday, October 1, 2011

When things turns from bad to worst..

This is the story about the missing laptop that befall to one of our housemate in our baiduri apartment.

3 years in diploma makes us to know about each other pretty well. Pursuing degree in shah alam needs us to rent an apartment in seksyen 2. And we decided to live together. All 9 of us; me, leyh, jimi, noks, oney, iman, sahaful, and two syafiqs. Our mind fill with delight as we think we can continue our 3 years of glory in jengka to be prolong in shah alam. And we can live like a happy family.

But dream only stays as dreams. We are shocked by the news that one of our housemates lost its laptop. Vaio laptop e series to be precise. A laptop given by his mother worth rm3000 and only been use by him not more than 2 weeks.

This is the way how he lost his laptop;

It is thursday, he used his laptop in the morning before going to class to finish up some assignment. Later at night when he want to open up his laptop, he realize that his laptop is missing. And so the time line for the laptop to be lost is between 10am to 10pm. Where all of the time there always be one of us in the house. So, there is no possibility that there are people from outside to come and break into our house. Plus, there is at least two laptop at the hall and two more laptop in each room and it is still untouched. While the missing laptop is held inside a room, being put in a bag that no one will recognize it. And yes, only that laptop is lost. There's no way an outsider break into our house, rushing in to the room and grab his laptop, only one laptop. That's sounds so ridiculous. And so, that' left only this two possibility;

1) The owner misplaced the laptop
2) There is a thief among us

And for the possibility number 1, the owner was like 150% confidence that he never bring the laptop outside of the house because he did not intend to do so. He is very noob about laptop and to bring his laptop to class is none of his business. And yeah, that's left possibility number 2 which all of us thinks........ Oh, well.

We do all the best to help him;

1) We see at least 4 ustaz to ask about the missing laptop whereabouts and who did this.
2) All of us make a pledge we never stole the laptop in front of the quran
3) We consult and have heart to heart session to every one of us
4) We report this to the police

But alas, after done all of this, the thief still won't confess. The missing laptop is still missing. We are confused. The relation among us has become worst. Some of us stop to talk to each other. There's always a negative perception towards each other. The happiness we wish to last is no more and sadly the house do not shine like it suppose to be.

I pray hard for the person who took the laptop to give it back to its owner. Makes our house safe and sound likes it suppose to be with no hatred or grudge to hold against each other. Amin. ~

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