Friday, May 20, 2011

Seriously, I never knew I can’t do this... (Playing poker cards)

Last night, I hang out with my best friends, sabri,shafiee and khairil. Although, many are missing.. Well, nevermind. Like always, our regular spot for lepaking is at tanjung. Yup! We will choose our best spot to lepak which is at the side of the field, under the light. We made a circle there. Tonight, fortunately Sabri bring along his poker card to kill our time. I loved playing poker though. All the games that feeya taught me using poker cards really paid off. I used to love games likes 99, speed, bluff, babi, and fish-eye. This makes me really want to brag what I know to my friends. Hahaha…

We decided to play poker first. After that, they want me to teach all the games that I know to them so that we can play it together.

Not more than 5 minutes, a police car comes near us. That pak cik said, “Dik,tgh buat ape tue?” with a very stern voice. Puzzled by that, we just flash our cards to the pak cik. And then, we hear a faint voice telling us we can’t play poker cards in public and bla, bla, bla. Shockingly, that pak cik in police car even makes a loud noise and highlight a very bright light to us. Making us like some kind of criminal who want to escape from the jail. Then, that pak cik told us to go back home for no reason whatsoever. And it’s just 12 am pak cik oii. Duhh..!!

Seriously, I never knew I can’t do this..

To think of it, what is the real offense that we really did? Playing poker is illegal? Huh? I don’t think so. The only thing that might bring harm towards playing poker cards is it can LEAD TO GAMBLE. But seriously, if that is the only reason, I really can’t accept it. If the words LEAD TO GAMBLE is the only reason, then, watching soccer or watching any kinds of match is also considered illegal since it also LEAD TO GAMBLE. Even by talking can initiate to that. People can gamble through a lot of medium and a lot of other things. Not only with poker cards.

But, later, I know why. People perception towards poker cards is really intense to the length that keeping a poker cards is considered a sin. I don’t know. Perhaps it will never go to that extend. =S