Sunday, January 16, 2011

My 22nd bday celebration..

This is what happen to me during my 22nd bday celebration;

It’s like a typical of me when every 15th January, I’ll never expect something come to me. Even a simple “happy bday to u” from my friends is enough for me. But this year is quite different to me when there is people that would do something for me. And I really appreciate every single thing that they do.

My eve was being celebrated by my best friend which is hash,syafiq,aqem n mieyra. Feeya would like to come but she can’t make it. They gave me a surprise by surprise me with cake when I was going out of the lift at my pangsapuri. That was awesome to see aqem came all the way from jengka to celebrate my birthday. And mieyra was there too. Syafiq and hash also was there although the other day they told me they are going back to ampang already. The real thing is that they already planned this to surprise me. Thanx a lot guys. Then, we lepaking all the night at canai.

All of it was awesome. I feel that im not being neglected after all. Having close friend all around you will make you comfortable with what you currently possessed. And that feel really good. But the twist starts at the morning of my 15th January. My long time best friend which is sabri, ros , piee ask me to go to kL with them but I refuse to do so since im so tired lepaking until dawn. But sabri says that it’s okay, I can take my rest and we can just go out at the evening. N I still refuse to do that since in my mind I already plan to go out at the evening. It’s turn out that the original plan was not going to be put into action. Instead, feeya asks me to go out with her and aqem and she want to treat me for my bday. And she treats me with secret recipe. Yum!yum!

At night, i was lepaking at seksyen 4 with hash and aqem. Then, I got a phone call from ros and sabri insisting me to see them. Hash and aqem told me to stay with them since aqem come all the way from jengka just to see me to update with each other. I was so torn between two. I was confused. At the end of the day, I choose to lepaking with aqem and hash since I favoring aqem which he had to leave to jengka tomorrow morning. That’s was it. Although they waited me for so long to join them, I merely just say goodbye to sabri,piee, and ros without seeing them at all. I feel real bad. And I was feel more fucking bad when sabri text me saying that;

“Oh, xpela kek ko kt org mkn jela”

And I was stunned and puzzled. I didn’t know that they also plan me to surprise me with a cake. Sumpah sweet wei ~~.Without knowing what to do, I called suhaimi to told him my full version of story. I was scared to call sabri nor anyone of them since I knew that I was wrong and they mad at me. I know that at the end of the day, I never satisfied both side. All of this is my fucking fault. I never know how to made a decision and be certain with what im doing. I know all the blame should be put on me.

I know it’s just my fault and im so sori guys for messing it up…