Monday, October 12, 2015

Cabin Crew Interview for AirAsia 2015

Its been ages since I not update anything in here. Lives have been pretty fair to me. Not so good and not so bad. After finish my practical training and graduated in Degree in Materials Science, I got a job as a personal assistant for approximately 1 year and then after that I manage to get a job as service/sales engineer for 1 year. 

Doing this jobs really not spice my life up. I want to do something that I like. That I have passion in it. So on one fortunate event, I stumble upon on ads regarding walk in interview as cabin crew for airasia. 

As cliche as it might sounds, being a cabin crew is really what I want to do since I was in primary school. I remember writing down at the ambition part on my report card as pramugara which is a cabin crew. So when I see the job opportunity, why should I not give it a try.

I know maybe I am not qualify enough for this job but I believe that the experience if I go for the interview session would taught me something. Its never a fault to give it a try.

So on Friday morning at 8.15am I manage to arrive at Senai International Airport, Johor Bahru. I arrived a day early and check in at nearby hotel which is Le Grandier. Located only 5 minutes away from the Senai Airport. When I arrived there, I thought I will be the first on the line since the interview start at 9am, but I was totally wrong. There are already people on the line and I am the lucky 18th person in line. As times pass by, more and more people got in queue and I can tell u that there are around 80 people there. To me, that is quite a lot. And yes, the people who are in queue are very intimidating. Most of them are very pretty and good looking. It makes me very insecure about myself. I manage to make a few friends while waiting on the line. Most of them I believe are very friendly. Just initiate the conversation and boom, u will make a friends there. It is actually a good things because some of them are attending the interview for quite a lot of times for this position. One of them said that they are trying for 9th times but still fail and some said that they already try for 12th times and yet still not a success. That really put my chance of success drop to 30%. I ask myself really hard on how to stand out among these people. 

At 9am sharp, the interview session start.
The door is open and airasia staff is handing out the form to be fill if u not bring it along with u. I on the other hand are pretty much well prepared for the day. I already print out the form. Not to say that Im good while others are not but maybe thats just me. I believe in 100% full preparation. Before the interview, I google everything what others say about cabin crew interview especially for airasia and also practicing in front of the mirror on how I should present myself in front of the interviewer. I even print out all information about airasia and memorize it while on the queue waiting for my turn. Pretty kiasu is it? Lol.

The first stage of the interview is height measurement. For guys, minimum is 168cm while ladies is 157cm. Im not too scared for this stage because my height is okay but my weight is not. My bmi is just on the borderline so I afraid I might fail at it. Luckily there is no weight measurement and yes, what a relief. Wew! First stage, pass!

The second stage involve document checking. If I not mistaken, u need to bring ur latest resume, copy of ic, spm cert, passport photo and full length photo. But as for me, I did bring along all my diploma and degree cert with all my achievement cert in 2 thick files. Sadly, the interviewer do not have interest at all to look or take a peak at them. Sob, sob. So at this stage they want to see whether  did you bring all the document and want to see if you have credit in english and malay language during ur SPM. So stage two, nail it!

Stage three is the time where u need to shine bright like a diamond. Its the time where u face the interviewer. Promote urself and sell it to them. Honestly I am really nervous before entering the room. When my turn arrives, I just be myself. I let go all the nervous outside the room and just relax about it. And it all turn out to be really well. The interviewer consist of 2 person. They are very friendly indeed. Not putting any pressure on me or whatsoever. Mostly they just ask about  my job experience and we have a chit chat about it. Not too formal but not towards an extend like lepaking at mamak. I remember I even crack a joke during the interview session and they laugh at it. After that, they told me to wait outside. Jeng, jeng, jeng.

Im clueless about it. Because thats not happen to most of other people. Some people they ask u to wait. But some they will just ask u to go home after the interview. Later I learn that if they told u to wait, they actually putting ur name on the kiv list. Yay! Good for me then. After waiting outside, they told me to fill in the job application form. Then, one guy approach me saying that I pass the interview and congratulates me. He told me in two weeks time there will be an email telling me to go for medical check up and brief me about the training that I will undergo at airasia academy. I am so thrilled hearing that and thanking him lots of time for giving me this opportunity.

I just cant stop smiling on my way back. This is my first interview to be airasia cabin crew and they freaking accept me. So to others, just believe in urself and just do it. Go for ur dreams and never hesitate. Who knows maybe u are the next cabin crew for airasia?