Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Searching for Industrial Training

Its a stressful thing to u when u constantly thinking about what u will end up in the next 5 years.

I have finished all my semesters in degree in science (hons) materials technology. Now, its time for me to search for my industrial training which will cover about 3 month.

What I have in mind is that I want to search for a big company. What I planned is to work with that company directly after I completed my industrial training. That will be a lot easier for me to work with the company after I've been undergo industrial training with them rather than applying to work with company blatantly. That need tremendous hour of stress and hard work.

I will try to apply to the companies like shell, exxonmobil, petronas, schlumberger, halliburton, MAS and intel. Really big companies right? Oh well, dreams big what all people always said. It will really tough to get a place like this. But, its never wrong to try.

Pray for me to get industrial training from one of this companies!!

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