Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Degree in Material Science

Errr.. What's that? What did u study in this course? What is ur major? N what is ur future job then?

A lot of questions like this will bombard me when I say I'm taking this course in UiTM or also known as Matech. Its unfamiliar, I know. And people reaction towards my course makes me even unsecured in what I'm doing right now.

Oh well, I know that I'm not doing courses like pharmacy, dentistry, law or even accountancy. Where people will like "owh, ure so smart!", "oh, I like that course too!" or even, "I want to love u because u r taking medic and I will get to marry a future doctor".. And stuff like that.

Unlike me, people will act different ways. The treatment I receive will never be the same. Matech seems so odd or weird to a lot of ears who heard it. Its sad and pathetic. Sometimes I even have a second thought, whether should I continue or not. Or should I stay?

And after like 1 year studying in this course, its really open up my heart. Like we always say, tak kenal maka tak cinta. Yes, I sort of like have a passion into this Matech, not because I like what its offer me for my future, but because I already made my mind.

What I'm going to do is I will finish my degree with a first class degree, then, get an offer from uitm to further my study in PHD. Amin. =D

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