Sunday, August 28, 2011

Move on

Like a very cliche entry right? But why? Well, move on is a very common moment to all human being and since I'm apparently a human, I also have to endure it!

Move on is like the hardest thing a human need to face and some even thinks its like taking their life away. Yet, some people believe to move on is like changing their shirt. Personally, to me move on need this three things; effort, time and most importantly a good substitute!

But alas, speaking is easier than making it done. I also have a problem to move on. After done all that three things, all the effort, all the time and also finding a good substitute, I still won't budge since I entangled to that person.

Honestly, yeah, it was truly my first love. Where all the love bugs all around u, the love in the air, the worlds is yours and ure at the top of the world. Suddenly, it all crashes down and u lost all hope. And its feel like the end.

That's how it end but after enduring all the pain I'm still hoping for something impossible to happen; wishing all the memories to be alive again.

That's where move on needs to take it action. A moment where u need to rethinking and rerouting your path to the other person. I tried a lot and sometimes I almost giving up doing that. A lot of time where I almost completely move on, a simple hello from that person would make me back to square one..

Shiitt!! How to move on from u!!! ='(

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  1. This is a very romantic post.. All the best in whatever u're doing. I'm sure everything happens for a reason. Remember, whatever doesn't kill u makes u stronger.