Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Let ask a simple question, who reads them? Every muslim will say yes to it.

But let ask who understand them? Only a little say yes to it.

That is the reality of the muslim today. We said out loud we are muslim but the fact is in our entire life, we never bother to know the meaning of the content in Qur'an itself. And it includes me.

I've been thinking to myself that,I already qhatam Qur'an for like 3 times but honestly I never knew the real content of Qur'an. Or even a words of it. I only know how to read it correctly using the proper tajwid but never knew what is their meaning. During our childhood, our ustaz never stressed to us that we need to know what is the meaning of Qur'an, only we should know how to read it properly. But I'm not blaming my ustaz for that. Maybe that is the way we are being taught in here.

Let us see how understanding the content of Qur'an really important to us. Imagine that we read a novel written in French. For those who knows French, they can easily understand what is the content of the novel is. But for those who do not, they just can read it without knowing what does the novel tells them.

And so, we see here now why we really need to know what Qur'an tells us. We often sees people who read Qur'an a lot in their daily life but still do a lot of sins in their life. Why? Because the belief to Qur'an and Islam is not strong enough since they do not understand what it tells them at the first place. Let them read even 100 times but if we do not knew what is the content, our heart is still empty. Islam is simple, but the one who makes it complicated is us.

And finally, for this Ramadhan, I have one things I wish to accomplish. I want to understand the whole content of Qur'an by reading the translation of Qur'an. And I hope by doing so it will strengthen my iman and I can be a full-fledged muslim. Insya-allah.

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