Monday, August 1, 2011

My first entry using phone

I bought a new phone a few weeks ago. I am a type of person that thinks phone should be use as long as its functional normally and I'm really not fancy for a new phone after it has been released. Advertisement about phone really not works on me.

I'm using nokia 6600 for almost 5 years without bothering to replace it with a new one. Until at one point, I'm really fond to this one phone. I mean only this one, which is blackberry bold. I don't know why but maybe this is what we call as love at a first sight. hahaha.

I love the function of bb and also its design. I can see many of my friend bought phone like N8 or xperia but still, the only favorite function they use is like a regular phone, texting, calling, taking picture and guess what, it all same like my nokia 6600. It always give me a thought that why should I bother to change my nokia 6600 just for its camera?or its video quality. Really not turn me on.

Since I thought that the only way to make my new phone to function widely is to have my phone to connect with internet. That's it! That is the answer. But, alas, internet is really cost me a lot. My sister is using iphone and she had to bare a cost of rm80++ just to maintain a cost for internet.

And so, bb is really on a different edge. I realize that bb have a internet plan which we call as bis. It allows bb users to go facebook,twitter, email, internet browsing and bbm. For maxis, I currently use the bonus monthly package that only cost me for about rm20 and limited to 100mb. Hey! That's more than enough.

Bb also have a wide range of application to choose from. Although it cannot defeat iphone, but its still okay. Most of the application is really great and some not. Recently, I have found a new ability for my new bb bold which is to post entry using phone. I love blogging and to found out that I can now blogging via my phone really thrill me out. Its what they call as mail2blog. And now, I can blog whenever I want and whenever I feel like to do so.

Thanks blackberry!!
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