Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Thinking about the future

Hell yeah!
Everyone like always thinks for their future. Like, what we will be in the future or what is our future job, who we will get married to, and stuff like that. Since we cannot predict the future,the least we can do is just to think about them.

So, the future I want to think right now is marriage. Yes, just marriage!

Getting married is really a big questions for me. In my mind is, married is like the full stop of everything! No more single, full of commitment, have two mums and two dads, handling with my future's wife pms, and all the marriage stuff! And that's just little of it, there's a lot of other thing that can be mentioned by the definition of marriage.

Its not that I am skeptical about all the idea of getting married. Surely, one day I also will get married and experience all of it. And that is what people call as asam garam kehidupan, right? We once has already past through our life as a kids and then now we are going to the other phase of our life which is marriage.
My plan is I will never get married before my age reach 30. Still, 30 is just way too early for me. Because, there is a lot of other thing that I want to accomplished first before I get married. Stuff like, I want to help my parents, make them feels like they are the happiest person on earth, send them to haji and lastly, I want to fulfill my dreams which is to open up a restaurant! =P

The other thing is, when I get married, there will be no kids for us. Yes! No son nor daughter. I love kids but its not for me. To me, having children is either it will be a curse or a bless. With the harsh environment and the corrupted world they going to live in,its hard for them to survive. Plus, its troubled me to think that what if my kids will be part of the social illness in the future. Be a homosexual, taking drugs or be a mat rempit for example. And so, the best solution I manage to create is not to have one!

All I dream it going to be is I will commit my life to my wife and my future wife needs to do the same for me. Both of us will go through our life together with no one else. It just two of us! That is the real definition of happily ever after for me..=)
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