Monday, February 7, 2011

A Trip to Penang..

The history has officially been made (hahaha!). This is perhaps the longest journey we had been through together. These are some the moment that we had finally captured together;

1. Hello Penang!
Our journey begins with a trip by MaraLiner bus. It was horrible. Enough said.

2. The endless walk in Taman Negara
It was a very perfect day for us to enjoy our day at Taman Negara. The weather is just perfect for us. As we arrived at Taman Negara, I instantly mesmerized by the natural beauty of that place. We then quickly decided that we are going to have 4 major activities here which is first to walk around 0.5 km to have a canopy walk, then have an additional 3.5 km to Monkey Beach to swim and thirdly to climb to Lighthouse for 1.2 km. Then, walk for another 1.2 km back to Monkey Beach to have our last activity which is going back via boat. Fully planned right!

Our first activity at Taman Negara is to have canopy walk.

The canopy walk is not that long. It is approximately just 250 meter. And the height is 15 meter from the ground. Sounds like, “Alah, rendah gile!” but to me it is still a nightmare since im a person that is afraid of height and with the canopy shake every time I step on it which makes me even scared. After taking a baby step till the end, I noticed a little kids like 5 years old passing the canopy walk happily with her mother. And that view really makes me silence for a while… =S

Then, we continue our journey to Monkey Beach. The journey was really gruesome, adventurous, and out of my mind! We had to walk under the tree’s branches, jumping over obstacles, climbing a hill, going down a hill, passing a wild monkey and a lot of other things. After going through all that we finally arrived at the Monkey Beach. And its really worth every sweat!

Although we were exhausted, we still decided to climb to Lighthouse since one of the pak cik there said to us that place is a very nice place to visit. Without any hesitation, we immediately continue our journey. And to tell you the truth, I was almost faint up there. Although you can said that 1.2 km is nothing, wait until you feel that. 1.2 km going up a stairs is really tiring. I bet even Batu Caves stairs can’t beat that stairs. And after like 45 minutes, I finally arrive at the Lighthouse as the last person to arrive. Fuh!

After that, we quickly going back to Monkey Beach to swim. After fully exhausted, we then going back to our first pit stop using boat.

3. Swims like there’s no jellyfish
Oh my! We really had fun out there. We swim in two different places in two separate days. One is near our hotel that we stayed and the other one is at Monkey Beach in Taman Negara. Both places are so damn fun. We had a banana boat, laughing out together, shouting like we own that place and yeah! Swimming like there is no jellyfish. Yeay!!

4. The night market
The night market was sooo cool!! Although we only shop just a little (sbb duit kering), but yeah, that place is awesome!

5. The food hunt
Like what people always said, to entirely finish visiting Penang, you had to taste its Char Keow Teow. And that is what we really did. In order to hunt for this food, we travel all around Penang to hunt for this food. We really craving for this one. We go every corner of Penang and almost lost our way out there. After like travel for 1 hour(jauh giler kan), we end up eating at a random warung to fulfill our mission.

Penang also famous for its jeruk. All of us bought this food to bribe or gift it to their respective parents. Hahaha.. =D

6. Bye Penang
Our journey was ended with a trip via train. It was a very pleasant journey for us during our trip back to our hometown.

Okey! We will surely keep all this moment for a long time. We will be missing you Penang..=)


  1. i wanna go to penang so bad!!!!=(

  2. jom2..
    kt buat mcm dlu2 kt g sme2 kat port dickson tue..=D

  3. a worthy was far better than the previous post which u have the way,can't wait to go to penang...