Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Losing grips...

Today,i would like to be a storyteller.Here goes my story.

In a village, there's a man who really want to work but failed to get one. He tried very hard to find one and at last he get one. He has been hired to cut down trees and will be paid based on how many trees he can cut down in a day. He promised to his boss to work very hard.

Day one, he works very hard and manage to cut down 18 trees and managed to amazed his boss. He works really good and manage to capture everyone else attention. All that he care is to cut down trees as much as he could and ignore everything else.

Not so long after that, his performance decrease. From 18 trees per day, the number become smaller. No matter how hard he tried to cut down as many trees, the number keep decreasing.
Soon after that he give up.

He decided to see his boss to get help. After he told all the story to his boss, his boss answered;

"All u need to do is sharpen ur axe. U are too busy thinking cutting down trees until ignoring everything else."

p/s : Although in our daily life we are busy with our works that need to be done, there is also other things that need to be focused on in order to not losing grips on what we currently do...

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