Saturday, July 3, 2010

I despise smokers

By making this statement, i just nearly hate half of the population of Malaysia. For a very concrete and rational reasons, yeah, i do despise smokers. I have enough of them. Why does cigarette do not be ban from our country?that motherfucking things should not exist in this country nor our world. Why people still producing something that is addicted and kill many but still made it legal. Drug is currently being ban but why not cigarette too? The effect is still same, rite?

Firstly, it make me sick to see people that hunger to smoke. The kind of people that waste their money to buy cigarette while he can used that money to buy other necessary things. Then, there is some people that if they dont get to smoke, they will shiver, hand will shake, cannot stand still and will be very anxious. What does this represent? Another form of drug-addict? If true that drug-addict being caught and send to jail, why dont we send all the smokers that highly addicted to smoke go to jail too?

Secondly, i hate to see people giving excuse when they want to quit smoke. People will say to me that i am not a smoker so i will never understand the feeling of addiction. But, let me explain to u, its a questions whether ur will is strong or not. If ur determination is as strong as Great Wall China, nothing can go through it. I seen people that smokes for 20 years and manage to stop smoking. This proved that quitting from smoke is possible. The only barrier is just urself!

Lastly, i despise smokers because they affected me too. The smoke that they inhale is just 25% while the other 75% is being exhale to their surroundings. Thats mean, the second-hand smokers smoke third time more compared to first-hand smokers. WTH? Is it fair? I would somehow stop to hate smokers if they can 100% inhale all the smoke that they smoke.

Its really pathetic to see people smokes. I really pity to those that addict to something that bring zero benefit to them. And smokers do know the fact that cigarette kills them, but still they do nothing about it. Thats really pathetic and out of norm. If people was about to kill u by pushing u from a high building, do u just stand still or avoiding it for the sake of ur own life? Think people!!

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