Sunday, August 15, 2010

an only child VS many child

The main points that i want to deliver today is that; what is the major differences between raising an only child compared to raise many child in a family. This weekend, i spend my weekend at apex's house in Malacca. He is an only child in his family while im not. I've been raise alongside with my four siblings. Spending time with apex's family really make me rethink about how is exactly being raise by a family that have an only child. This is my point of view...

Firstly, i think raised as an only child in a family is really boring. Since they live only revolve around their parents without sisters nor brothers, they tend to feel lonely in a house. There is no fighting between you and your brother, no sweet advise from your sister, no bullying your younger brother and stuff like that. Stuff that a normal siblings would do. Things that are done together with your siblings and the memories will not be felt when we raised as an only child.

Secondly, lets talk about sharing. If you had an apple and eat that all by yourself is really great but when you have an apple, cut it into five and share that apples will make you more appreciate eating that small portion of apple. An only child would never learned how to share with others. The feeling when you have to wear second hand shirt that are inherit from your older brothers. Or the thought that you have to share toys with your younger sister. Its really pain though. The real things that really give an only child a major advantage is that they get all the love and care from their parents without have to share it with others. Oh! A heaven.

As a matter of fact, no matter how u being raised by ur family, its really depend on u to analyze what is good or what is bad for u. Although we said an only child lack in experiencing life, they can still learned it when they growing up. And to say raised as many child do not have an equal love from their parents is not fair since love is subjective to people and how do they define what love is. Last word, im happy with what i have now..=D

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