Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Perfect moment.

There is always a moment in life where we think that was the perfect moment we ever experienced in our whole life. It could be anything. But like always, perfect moment happen in a short period of time.

N maybe that was all the idea of having a perfect moment. It should be short and happen just one time in our life. A mom maybe thinks that having a first child is her perfect moment she ever experienced in life, but what about the second, third or fourth of her children? It maybe not as perfect as having the first child. N a boy just get an exam result with flying color for his UPSR. While for the PMR or SPM, if he get results with flying color too, the feeling will never be the same as the first.

This entry will be about sharing my perfect moment. One of the perfect moment I ever had happen during this one particular night. Where both of us staring at the sky watching the star while having a little picnic. And you just keep amazed me with your knowledge of astrology by showing me all kind of constellations. And honestly I'm impressed by that. N your last words really stays in my mind;

"No matter where we are after this, you and I will always stare at the same moon."

And that's all about it. Fin. =D
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