Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Theory of Evolution...

As a science student, it is a must for me to study about theory of evolution in the subject of biology specifically in part 5 of Diploma in Science. But i do believe we all being taught about it in our secondary school if we take science stream. What we learn is that basically this theory is develop by Charles Darwin. It's tell about the change of the inherited traits of a population of organisms through successive generations. The main sources of variation is via mutation and blah! blah! blah!

But the main ideas that i want to tell u today is that the theory says we have an ancestors who is merely a monkey, but through natural selection, monkey has been evolve million of years and eventually become a human being which is us. Who believe this please raise up your hand?!

All this bullshit was a desperate attempt to deny the existence of a god. It's pretty obvious, isn't it? They do anything just to influence more and more people to believe them. They infiltrate all education system in all over the world to make this theory acceptable and to be taught in all kind of school.

Perhaps it is the real purpose of making this theory, which is to make people doubt about the existence of god. Hence, forgetting about religion. Ultimately, to convert more and more people to be Atheist. For what reason? People without faith in their heart is the weakest person known. It is a need of human to have faith to something(i.e. God) because we are made like this. It is like a need to eat is equal with a need to believe in god.

I think, let them do anything they want. Just pollute our mind with all this crap since in our heart stand strong for the only god. Teach our children about the real story of Adam and Eve and we will stay strong.

Luckily, it's just a theory..
and remember, theory should remain theory..

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