Sunday, October 3, 2010

A passion to cook

I obsessed to cook! It includes learning on how to cook until to the stage of making it. My obsession starts in this year i presume. Its start so sudden though. When i start to voice out my passion to my mom, she smile on it. After that, my mum brings me and guide me to enter the world of cooking.

So, my journey goes on. I took a baby step to learn it. Seriously, its not that easy or not that difficult to learn it. My mum always said that "Masak nie kita yang buat dia" which means that we are the one that take full control of everything in order to prepare it. If its not sweet enough, add some sugar and if its not salty enough, add some salt in it. Sounds easy to her but damn difficult to me. Haih..

I remember that i always find an excuse to stay alone in the house when everyone else is going out so that i can cook alone in kitchen without no one to intervene me. At that time i will do practical works after enough hearing theoretical stuff from my mum. After finish cooking, i will taste it myself. If i not satisfied, i try again and again and again......

While in semester 6, i have to live in rented house outside UiTM. After going back from class which usually ends at 6 pm, i will rush to kitchen to cook. While i can choose to relax or ease my mind in room after a whole day full of classes, i instead choose to cook.Sometimes, its really tiring but i enjoyed it. What makes me more tiring is when seeing others relaxing while i have to cook. I sometimes wonder, why im doing all this since i can cook only to myself? And why i have to put extra burden to myself? The answers lies in the smile of others when they eat what i cook for them.

There is one moment when i feel like to quit from the world of cooking. One day, i preparing daging masak merah. It was my first time making that dish. I accidentally cut the daging wrongly and makes its hard to chew it down. Although they eat it until it finish, to my surprise, one of my room mate comment that "nie daging ke batu" which totally blew me away.

It was a lesson for me which i thinks that i have to bare with what other says. Despite all that, i would say that my cooking skill have slightly improved since i cook at least 5 times a week for my 6 house mates. Its true when people said practice make perfect. Now, i can make curry, sambal tumis, masak lemak, fried noodle and other Malay food. Although its nothing to be proud of but i do still proud of myself.

Plus, i also discovered one thing. I realized that whenever i cook something i can channel my tension, anger or sadness towards it. Its really weird though. But its good to know that and i know somehow it will benefits me. =)


  1. Skema jugak la ayat ko farid haha

  2. Hahaha.. Biase r..Ayat bdk skola..Kna r skema..N im the type yg x pndai marah org.So,nk letak curse words pun ssh.. =D

  3. haha, ala la i think you could spice up your blog a bit if you didn't sorta put some kind of limitations or barrier to it when you write. Cos you know kan kan its your blog, sukati diorg la nak pikir ape. And yeah blogging can be a way to release that tension and anger too kan ;)

    I like this entry btw, tak tau lak farid's the cook of the house haha.

    Hash mesti jarang masak en, gemok nye hash

  4. nice advice ajiez..
    im sure to note that..
    next time u read my other entry, it will be a new me..(i suppose) =)

    p/s:hash mmg x masak pun..